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Becoming the Establishment

Anyone reading the tech press over the past week or two would surely agree that it’s been a case of “knives out” for Apple since the release of its new iPhone 5. We’re talking savaging editorials of the like we’ve …Read Post »

Taking a Tumble into Tumblr

Earlier this year, the indisputable queen of pop and international musical powerhouse, Beyonce, unveiled her shiny new Tumblr page to the world.  Notorious for being a private person (or as private as you can be when you’re one of the biggest …Read Post »

Getting the Balance Right

The Australian Advertising Standards Board’s ruling against Diageo’s Smirnoff (that essentially declared a brand’s Facebook page is an advertisement), has thrown the watchdog among the pigeons this week.

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The Defence Rests

Jack Waterford, Editor-at-large of The Canberra Times observed last week:  “One is increasingly seeing PR people sitting beside lawyers planning a media strategy to obtain maximum damaging publicity to put pressure on defendants in, say, sexual harassment cases, or sometimes, …Read Post »

PM Jumps on the ‘Mummy Blogger’ Bandwagon

It seems like our esteemed PM, Julia Gillard, has been taking a leaf out of the consumer public relations handbook and has realised that bloggers are an influential lot who can do much for a brand if they like it. …Read Post »

Congratulations to Rowland

On Monday I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to Brisbane and attend our affiliate Rowland’s 20th anniversary celebration. To build one of the biggest agencies in Australia in 20 years is a tribute to Rowland’s commitment to its …Read Post »

Piecing Together Integrated Communications

The Public Relations industry has often suffered from an unfair perception that it plays a small and siloed function within the greater marketing machine – hosting media events, sending out media releases and amplifying marketing messages. While these tactical elements …Read Post »

Who’s Looking After Your Online Content?

When Channel Nine had the finale of its reality program Celebrity Apprentice spoiled half a day before the program was set to air, it reminded me of a very important social media question: Who’s looking after your online content? Social …Read Post »

How to Get Your PR Internship Application Taken Seriously

The job application process can be daunting in any industry, particularly when you are starting out. Internships can be instrumental in providing you with the foundations of a fantastic career. In order to secure the best possible internship you can, …Read Post »

The PR Who Cried Wolf

The newly appointed agency for the popular Mexican takeaway Mad Mex contacted media outlets in Sydney this week to let them know The Dictator (Sacha Baron Cohen in character) would be outside its inner-city restaurant. Baron Cohen is currently in …Read Post »